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Jakub Bojar

I owe 13 years of experience in effective treatment of pain to a holistic approach to body dysfunction of my patients. I base my work on the revolutionary concept of dr Radosław Składowski. I am also a teacher of this method, training physiotherapists in Spala under the supervision of dr Składowski. We introduce a new quality of treatment for human ailments in Polish physiotherapy.

I also use the concept of Tomas Myers’ Anatomic Tapes supplemented with discoveries of the Luigi Stecco’s Fascial Manipulation and Stephens Typaldos’ Fascial Distortion Model. In 2007 I got the title of physiotherapy technician, and in 2010 a bachelor’s degree at the Mazovian University. I actively use soft and chiropractic techniques to search for solutions to the problems of my patients,. According to these techniques, body, mind, emotions and soul are one. As tools in therapeutic work I use: needles (acupuncture/dry needle therapy), pins (clavipressure/pinotherapy). They allow me to efficiently and quickly get rid of the problems located in very deep layers. They also have a direct effect on the nervous system. The holistic approach I follow is a global view of the ailment. Very often those areas in the body that the patient would not suspect at all are responsible for pain and inflammation.