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First visit170 złTreatment time: 45 m
Healing Manual Therapy160 złTreatment time: 45 min
Individual / Functional Training (It contains all necessary types of exercises)160 złTreatment time: 45 min
Medicinal leech therapy150 złPrice per treatment: 150zł
Price of the leech used during the procedure: 20 zł / item

Treatment time 50 min
Visceral therapy160 złTreatment time 45 min
Ear acupuncture50 złTreatment time 10-15 min
Cranio-Sacral Therapy200 złTreatment time about 60 min
Electro-acupuncture100 złTreatment time 30 min
Urogynecology therapy300 złTreatment time 90 min

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