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You are welcome to attend our workshop!

Complex Visceral Therapy: 4 days

9 a.m.: Start

2 p.m.: Dinner

6 p.m.: End of the Workshop

Price: 1700 zł

Upcoming workshops:

9-12.01.2020 Wrocław
6-9.02.2020 Rzeszów
26-29.03.2020 Warszawa
28-31.05.2020 Katowice
5-7.06.2020 Gdańsk
10-13.09.2020 Wrocław
16-18.10.2020 Warszawa

The concept of Holistic Physio Chains is something more than the usual visceral therapy, i.e. it teaches to look at the body globally. The whole workshop is focused on a practical training, without focusing on organs’ physiology. Unlike other visceral therapy conceptions, we work on the whole body, and not only the internal organs.

We teach how to read from the patient’s appearance, his breathing pattern, and the condition of the tongue; and also how to determine which symptoms can lead us to treating a particular organ, and what indefinite symptoms these organs can show.

Our workshop teaches how to work with vagus nerve, which is an incredibly important structure on which depends the communication between visceral brain and cerebrum.

We teach how the techniques (hard, soft, respiratory) of treating the respiratory system can be used to effectively treat the visceral system and musculo-fascial chains.

Some of visceral tensions are caused by the respiratory system and that’s why understanding this mechanism is so important for successful treatment.

Afterwards, we teach how to find those tensions, how to treat them, and the strategy of handling them. This order is important for the effectiveness of the treatment.

Simultaneously, during the workshop we demonstrate how to properly use the Gua Sha technique and cupping therapy.

We teach how to make use of strategic areas in soft tissue of peripheral joints in regulating the tension of internal organs and spine..

On this stage, we elaborate on the pelvic calibration system, which is our own original system of perceiving pelvic dysfunctions, which brings hip plates and shoulders to the original state. It allows us to align the height and position of the iliac spines and to level the shoulders.

This results in:
• balancing the tensions globally;

• evening out the length of the lower limbs;

• alignment of the lower limb axis;
• balancing weight distribution in feet;

Thanks to which we have control over conditions like:

• cervical spine pains
• thoracic spine pains
• lumbar spine pains
• shoulder pain
• knee pain
• foot pain
• hip disorders
• vertigo
• numbness of hands and legs
• sciatica
• leg swelling

• drop foot syndrome
• tidal volume decrease
• asthma
• shortness of breath
• stomach ache
• colic
• feminine diseases, including: painful periods, pain and stinging sensation in the bladder and vagina, ovarian atrophy
• lack of mechanically dependant menstruation

• digestive problems, i.e., bloating, colic, stomach grumbles and overflowing, heartburn, reflux, diarrhoea, constipation, control over urination and defecation.

• frequent pharyngitis

• frequent hoarseness and grunting

• moodiness
• panic attacks
• anxiety
• fear

To participate in our workshop we ask you to fill the application form in the following link.