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Manual therapy in feminine diseases

In the previous article we brought up the case of a patient with abdominal cavity problems, shortness of breath, spinal pains, and premature ovarian failure. Back then, the results were promising, although right now the progress is even bigger!

We were able to restore ovaries’ functions and regenerate them by combining manual therapy with hirudotherapy, which suppressed premature menopause and balanced the hormones. Thanks to this combination, the patient started having periods again, and the previously smaller ovary was regenerated. Stabilising the tension of abdominal cavity led to restoring the functions of diaphragm, which caused the shortness of breath to cease.

All of this without a single pill, but with the use of many hands.

What happened?

From the biomechanics’ point of view, soft tissues lose their “quality”. It happens because aging and other factors (e.g. lack of exercise, bad diet, dehydration) cause the tissues to lose their elasticity. It is a reversible process, providing that the specialist knows where and what to look for, and how to approach the given structure.

Decrease in elasticity is associated with decrease in drainage of hydrating fluids in a particular area, which enable mutual movement of the tissues, and tissue metabolites discharge. It leads to a situation in which strained tissue falls into a vicious cycle. Because of the lack of elasticity the tissue restricts the given area which results in fluid stasis. This situation increases the tension even more due to the fact that everything in our body is connected.

One area can be the source of many different symptoms.

One of those areas is the pelvis, more specifically – its inside. In our patient’s case, the retroperitoneal stasis in the bladder, and lumbar muscle area caused pressure on ovarian veins and on the arteries feeding the ovary.

As a result, both ovaries suspended their hormonal functions; simultaneously, the increased tension caused the increase in compression on the restricted venous flow in the spine, along with the restriction of the mesentery functions, which by transferring the tensions caused back pain and impeded the diaphragmatic movement.

It is important to note how one occluded area caused multitude of symptoms, which in traditional treatment model led to consultations with a plethora of specialists.

Our organisms are full of areas whose structure is the cause of irrevocable blockades . It means, that despite our efforts, it will become a natural element of our organism. That’s why paying regular visits to an experienced physiotherapist is important. Those blockages can be verified only by manual examination as modern diagnostics is focused on organs and not tissues that possibly restrict given organ.