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Physiotherapy in your company!

Holistic Physio Holistic Rehabilitation Centre offers individual physiotherapy in the workplace for companies which value health and comfort of their employees. The following solutions will satisfy every worker’s needs, and will have a positive impact on their performance, and on the relations between the employer and the employee.

What we value most is the quality, efficacy and effects of our treatments, and along with them – our patients’ satisfaction. In the modern medical market, we are one of the few who decide to solve various problems in a holistic way – we listen, we think, we analyse the problem and look for its cause.

Through therapy we introduce self-healing processes and we withdraw degenerative processes of the organism. We approach each case individually to find the most suitable physiotherapy techniques i.e. deep tissue massage, fascia mobilisation, chiropractic, visceral therapy, manual therapy, manual medicine, dry needling, acupuncture, pinopressure, hirudotherapy and traditional Chinese medicine.

We strive to ensure that each of our patients not only regains health, but also becomes educated in the field of home and office autotherapy, the influence of bad eating habits, and improving the quality of life, also in the emotional sphere.

We ensure that the kind of physiotherapy proposed by Holistic Physio – Holistic Rehabilitation Centre is way more effective than the traditional forms which focus on the symptoms’ area, apparatus, well established algorithms and procedures.

Benefits of corporate therapy:

  • reduced number of missed days at work;
  • increasing integration with the workplace;
  • enhanced work productivity and efficiency;
  • reduction of employees’ fatigue;
  • decreasing the level of stress caused by pain;
  • improvement of mental health

If your employees spend most of their time at work in a sitting position, they will certainly appreciate the opportunity to take advantage of our offer.

You are welcome to contact us by phone: 533 961 330 or 668 446 243 to book an appointment, during which we will discuss the details.

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