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Thyroid problems? Holistic medicine has a natural solution!

Hypothyroidism according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Hypothyroidism affects an increasing part of the population. It is 5 times more common in women than in men. This disease is caused by a deficiency of thyroid hormones and its diagnosis is inconclusive, due to the complex number of symptoms.

We are visited by patients with thyroid dysfunction, who most often complain about general weakness and fatigue, low mood and reluctance to act, which are often accompanied by severe and persistent feeling of cold, even on warm days. When it comes to the functioning of digestive system, patients report recurring constipation and liquid bowel movements. Many of them struggle with weight gain, leg swelling, water retention in the body, and dryness of skin, hair and nails that makes them brittle and weak.

Blood tests enable the diagnosis of hypothyroidism, whilst the determination of the concentration of TSH and fT4 hormones helps in determining the appropriate treatment and nutritional support.

TCM’s dietetics have shown us more than once that life doesn’t have to revolve around pills and supplements which only seem to cover up the problem. In TCM’s point of view, symptoms of hypothyroidism are associated with, among other things, the pathology of the functional circulation of the spleen, kidneys and liver.

One of our patients came to us with a diagnosed and hormonally treated thyroid insufficiency. Despite using the medication, majority of the symptoms interfered with normal functioning, and the results were not satisfactory.

The most severe ailments our patient struggled with were painful periods, hair loss, emotional disorders, weight gain despite the lack of appetite, weakness, and fatigue.

After a thorough interview, an introduction of nutritional changes, the use of appropriate culinary techniques and high systematicity – the patient’s well-being improved after a few weeks. The nutritional support received by the overwhelmed liver effectively influenced the course of menstruation, the patient no longer struggles with severe pains in the lower abdomen and loins, and for the first time in many years there are no clogs in menstrual blood. The condition of the skin and hair has improved significantly, hair fall out in a small, natural amount and new hair appear on the scalp.

All these improvements have a positive influence on our patient’s mood and motivation.

Nutritional therapy in the case of deficiencies that we are dealing with may last up to several months. Despite the positive effects that the patient has achieved with systematic work, we continue our work to be able to say goodbye not only to the symptoms but also their causes.