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Cluster headaches and migraines, sometimes they last for decades, but that doesn’t mean they cannot be cured. The holistic model often finds a solution to them.

Cluster headaches (those are the hardest to endure), migraines, and sporadic but regular headaches in general can all be treated with the holistic model.

Segment from patient record:

Chronic headaches for about 10 years, with cluster headache pain accompanied by auras, nausea, and vasomotor/sudomotor reactions. Pain medication does not work.

Pain is practically constant on daily basis on a low/medium level with regular sudden sharp pains which make normal functioning impossible.

Pain is more intense on the right side, triggered by significant changes in external and emotional stimuli. The patient is sensitive to temperature changes, especially increasing heat; heat reactions to emotions (reddening of the body).

Our diagnostics indicated couple of elements responsible for this symptom, from which one was pivotal.

TOS (Thoracic Outlet Syndrome) restricted vertebral and carotid artery, simultaneously increasing the tension of scalene muscles. The increased density of suboccipital muscles area caused the increase in tension of tissues there, and influenced vertebral artery capacity, which in itself is a frequent cause of pain.

High tension of the masseter muscle caused by its considerable fibrosis (the patient had undergone dry-needling as seen on the attached video). Fibrosis was so „relentless” that only after 20 minutes of needling it was possible to overcome this structure, which turned out to be the main cause of the problem.

Afterwards, considering TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), we tried Chinese cupping massage to remove the extra heat from the body, i.e. reddening (vasomotor/sudomotor reaction)

Currently, practically no daily headaches nor sudden pains occur. “Practically”, since appearing headaches does not lead to a state where normal functioning is challenging, and, what’s more, they became receptive to pharmacological treatment; simultaneously, reaction to heat has receded.